I am a portrait artist. My focus and intention when doing a portrait is to really capture the essence of the person or animal. My aim is to feel the portrait alive when I am finished. I take great pride in having the eyes be soulful.
I take time to get myself in the right place to capture their essence. My specialty is having the eyes bringing the portrait to life. I want my customers to feel great everytime they see their portrait I created for them. I use pencil and charcoal when I do a realistic custom hand portrait. I also do watercolor portraits and other watercolor art. If there is something you would like me to create please let me know. I take custom orders. Send me a picture of what you want to be drawn or painted or tell me an idea you have. 

     I deliberately decided to be a portrait artist. Through reading spiritual books and studing Abraham Hick I decided I was going to focus my my to being a portrait artist. It started right after I was drawing and painting with my children I realized I wasn't so bad. At age 38 I wanted to prove I could accomplish this by what I had learned. I always loved the idea of creating your own reality. Well in one year I accomplished drawing portraits pretty well. This same focus and tools I used worked wonderful in other areas of my life. In my free newsletters I will also include easy tools that I learned and applied that made a big difference for me. I will also have references of the information of what I learned.